Lingzhi Mushroom

Lingzhi Mushroom or Ganoderma lucidum is herb that mostly eats as nourishing food because of high nutrition. It is efficacious in curing hepatitis and countering the spread of cancer. It is well known in Japan, China, America Taiwan and Europe.

The functions of Ganoderma were well recognized and affirmed by the medical arena in the early ages. It has always been called Haloragaceour, an herbal tea credited as a kind of superior medicine. Only six species of Ganoderma have medical and health function, and among these Ganoderma Lucidum tops the list. Ganoderma lucidum is effective in maintaining the balance of body cells, maintaining the function of the immune system at good level. It is also good in enhancing the normal functions of the heart, adjusting and supplementing the energy inside the body and activating one’s brain functions and memory.

Taking Ganoderma Lucidum for an extended period can help regulate body weight and anti-aging. Many scientists have identified that Ganoderma Lucidum contains triterpenoids, alkaloids, organic germanium and polysaccharides, which has remarkable effects in helping health the body’s natural systems in maintaining body conditions and enhancing one’s strength and natural immunity to diseases.

For Ganoderma Lecidum (Reishi Mushroom), the greatest potential medical benefit is its ability to strengthen the body’s immune system. Consumption of red reishi is therefore considered preventive and immune enhancing, rather than treatment of a specific disease. A great deal of research is being conducted and the huge volume of this work adequately attests to the complexity of the research matter. In addition to their general preventative properties it is found that the reishi mushroom may offer the following specific health benefits:
  • Prevent and improve diseases that are related to blood vessels and circulatory system
  • Prevent hyper and hypo-tensions
  • Prevent phlebitis and thrombosis
  • Capable of normalizing and improving allergic reactions
  • Prevent metastasis of cancer